Cat Cottage


If you make jewellery, often I can supply packets at nice costs! Just ASK.

Being a part of a group of hobbyists, my part was to make jewellery. I am now retired, and alas, I am very old. I regret that when I kick my clogs, I do not think anyone will continue my hobby. Untill then I will make Jewelry armbands mostly to fit size 14 and 16.
Sizes should be taken as approximately. I do my best!
These usually are the sizes for adults and children. I usually ask only 2.50 for adults and 1.00 euro each respectively.

I am not know current rates. The stocks I use has no prices. If you think this is too low, then please by all means add some extra. Also there is available a small stock of rings, necklaces and the odd earring. I expect they are 5.00 , 7.50 and probably 2.50.
Postage and packing will always be extra and at cost.
Its possible that other sizes can be made upon request. Refunds are possible. Repairs/updates can be made for you. ASK.

Scans are the only way display items (at this time) – photo’s are difficult.