Cat Cottage Stamp Exchange

Stamps - Rubbish and Free



I am over 70 years old. I do not have time to do everything.
If I swap, then my problem of too-many stamps are the same.
If you are younger (than I) then you can hold and wait till a better time to re-sell / swap.

ALL the following scans/offers a price is suggested.
Anyway, tell me your price!!!!

Everything will be sent FREE and Normal Post, no frills, and probably with nice commemoratives on the outside.
There is no post-office, and I do not know where the closest one is at this moment.
In this field, there is a post-box, emptied 5 days per week.


Rules for free stamps:

YOU must help me cover my postage costs.
Tell me which FREE you want, then send me 3 new MUH stamps from YOUR Country in a letter plus a stiffener to protect the stamps. And your name & address.

MUH. - Mint Un Hinged. Post office fresh, no damaged. Duplication is ok.

37 GB Commems. - My choice. A scan displays a sample bunch.

48 GB xmas commems. - My choice. A scan displays a sample bunch.

55 GB definitives. - My choice. A scan displays a sample bunch.

40 GB Machin definitives -