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KILOWARE - dated 22-1-2017

Usually supplied via our English supplier. Why?? Because of their BREXIT, the prices are very very low for us.
You will receive your order of Kiloware direct from the GB and with new GB commemoratives under protected covering giving nicely cancelled stamps. Some Kiloware is stocked here. Some!

A note from the supplier:-
Prices and stocks will be supplied only whilst stocks last. Postage and packing is extra.
Prices can change without notice and stock availability of course.
This is only a short list. More item added over time. Or you can ask of course for items you want.

Charity kiloware (and others)
GB charity / off-paper 100gr.€ 3.25
GB charity 100gr.€ 3.45
British Commonwealth charity 100gr.€ 5.25
Brit.Commonwealth off-paper 100gr.€ 10.15
Channel Islands charity100gr.€ 7.00
Jersey charity 100gm.€ 7.00
Guernsey charity100gr.€ 7.00
Guernsey defins charity100gr.€ 3.60
Isle of Man commems 100gr.€ 12.10
Australia charity 100gr.€ 3.45
Baltic States charity100gr.€ 23.25
Botswana charity100gr.€ 14.60
Bermuda charity 100gr.€ 11.25
Brazil charity 100gr.€ 11.25
Canada charity 100gr.€ 3.45
Cyprus charity 100gr.€ 21.50
Europe charity 100gr.€ 4.30
Gibraltar charity 100gr.€ 12.50
Ireland charity100gr.€ 2.85
Ireland HV defins charity 100gr.€ NA
Italy charity100gr.€ 5.25
Japan charity100gr.€ 9.50
Malta charity 100gr.€ 5.25
NZ charity100gr.€ 3.45
S.Africa Homelands/States 100gr.€ NA
South Africa charity100gr.€ 4.30
Spain charity 100gr.€ 5.15
Switzerland charity 100gr.€ 7.75
World charity 100gr.€ 5.25
World off-paper 100gr.€ 6.50
West Europe off-paper 100gr.€ 9.45
Commemorative kiloware (and others)
GB commems / NO Xmas100gr.€ 5.50
GB comms/Xmas off-paper100gr.€ 9.50
GB Pre-QE2 off-paper100gr.€ 77.50
Brit.Commonwealth commems 100gr.€ 11.25
Guernsey commems100gr.€ 12.00
Jersey commems100gr.€ 12.00
Ireland commems100gr.€ 13.75
Australia commemoratives100gr.€ NA
Australia International post100gr.€ 27.50
Asia commems100gr.€ 11.25
Bermuda commems100gr.€ 11.25
Botswana commems 100gr.€ 14.75
China commems 100gr.€ 25.80
Cyprus commems 100gr.€ 21.50
Ethiopia commems 100gr.€ 30.25
Europe commems100gr.€ 9.46
France commemoratives100gr.€ 15.50
Finland commems 100gr.€ 15.50
Gibraltar commems 100gr.€ NA
Greece commems100gr.€ 20.65
Germany commemoratives 100gr.€ 5.50
Italy commems100gr.€ 22.25
Japan commems100gr.€ 15.50
Malawi commems 100gr.€ 10.35
North Korea commems100gr.€ 9.50
Russian States commems100gr.€ NA
San Marino commems100gr.€ 34.50
S.Africa Homelands/States commems 100gr.€ 13.75
South African commems 100gr.€ 13.75
USA commems NO Xmas100gr.€ 8.60
West Europe Large commems off-paper100gr.€ 31.65
World commems100gr.€ 10.25
Zambia commems100gr.€ NA
Zimbabwe 100gr.€ NA